How Do You Define an MFA (Made for AdSense Site)?

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A WebmasterWorld thread has discussion around the various classifications of an MFA site (made for AdSense). The question is, what is the true definition of such a site? Is there a gray area or is it black and white?

One member classifies three types of sites running AdSense:

  1. A site that has content that consists only of ads.
  2. A site that has substandard content, and lots of ads.
  3. A site that has good content, and ads that take up no more than 1/3 of the available space.

Now, I am sure there are shades between. How about a site with really good content, but the only way to see that content is to scroll past the AdSense ads. I know several sites like this, and I wouldn't consider them MFAs, cause I scroll past the ads to read the content. Maybe the sites that you hit the back button on, would be the proper classification here?

Senior member zett adds his classification of an MFA:

  • Ad units blended.
  • Ad units in places where you would expect navigation or content.
  • Mediocre/generic/useless content.
  • No outbound links except Adsense ads or link to the same site (with more crap).
  • New domain, no PR, only way to get traffic is to buy cheap Adsense traffic (with ads that promise things the landing page cannot keep).
  • Private domain registration.
  • No real contact information on site.

But let's poll the audience here and ask you, based on the three types of sites listed above, which are MFAs. Here is the poll, check ALL that apply:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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07/03/2008 01:02 pm

I like this post and this site very much, I had never been here before. I really like the way you discuss this subject of MFA. I have a simple view of it. I think there should be a balance and an exchange. The site provides content which is useful to visitors, and is monetized by ads. And the ads themselves are placed in such a way as to be useful to visitors. If the site is formed this way I think it is not a bad site.


07/03/2008 01:16 pm

I would say a little of each. Your not going to make a lot of money today with adsense - honestly anyway. But if your goal is to make money - the chances are you'll have several websites and there is no real way to provide good content if you over extend yourself.

Derek Chew

07/03/2008 06:51 pm

The only one I disagree with is "Private domain registration." - I have plenty of sites with private reg and that's for my own sake.


10/12/2009 07:20 pm

If a Google employee reviewed the site and found it acceptable then it's not a MFA. Some of the criteria here assumes a malevolency on the part of the site owner that may not be there. I have found some great advice for treating a running injury on a site that was efficiently monetized with adsense. I successfully treated my injury with the advice on the site. However the site is MFA by Senior member zett's definition.

No Name

12/13/2009 11:12 am

Does using PLR content in your website amount to being a MFA site? We are in business and a website made for adsense income if considered unethical it beats my rationale. I am unable to understand the MFA debate.

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