Is Your Home Page's Google PageRank Less Than Your Inner Pages PageRank?

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google pagerank webmaster toolsA Cre8asite Forums thread has a member who is a bit concerned that the page listed in his Google Webmaster Tools, crawl stats section for "highest PageRank" is not his home page. Instead, an internal page is listed as having the highest PageRank on his site.

Googler, JohnMu, replied to this webmaster saying that this isn't all that bad. In fact, John said, "I think it's great to see a non-home page listed as the page with the highest PageRank." John explained, "it's a sign that people love your content and are sending visitors right to something they really like." But still, any webmaster would be concerned that something happened to his home page that caused a drop in PageRank. This does not mean PageRank dropped, but rather maybe the internal page's PageRank increased. The thing is, we really don't know. Should we obsess, no - but will be stop obsessing?

One more tidbit that most of us already knew. When John was questioned about the recency of the PageRank values in Webmaster Tools, he said it was more updated than the Toolbar. John said:

As far as I know, those statistics are updated slightly more regularly than the Toolbar.

Google first started displaying the PageRank stats in Webmaster Tools in September 2007. Back then we thought maybe Google would maybe stop updating the Google Toolbar, but that never really happened.

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