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Google launched Ad Planner yesterday and I just received my invite into the program. All I have to say is WOW! You thought Google Trends for Websites was revealing, wait until you see some of these screen captures. I will show you data that shows sites unique visitors, their income, their gender, behavior and much more. And guess what, this is all for free on almost every site out there (except Google).

I'll take you through screen by screen, so here we go.

(1) Login and you will be given the option to "create media plan" or "begin research." You should start by creating a media plan, I started with research - which was a bit of a mistake:

Google Ad Planner 1

(2) On the research screen, it defaults by showing you all sites in the system. Here is the overview:

Google Ad Planner 2

(3) Most advertisers don't want all publishers, so this is where you can begin filtering down to specific sites. Here is the demographic filter which gives you the ability to filter based on gender, age, education and household income.

Google Ad Planner 3

(4) You can also filter based on online behavior. In this case, you specify a site and Google will show you sites that those people also visited:

Google Ad Planner 4

(5) I picked Search Engine Land and I received this list of sites. The list looks pretty accurate to me and it goes on and on:

Google Ad Planner 5

(6) Clicking on the little graph next to the domain name will bring up a world of information about that site. Here is information from this site, the Search Engine Roundtable:

Google Ad Planner 6

(7) You can then add sites to your media plan. You select the sites from the left hand side by checking them off and click "add to media plan." This is where you need to make sure you set up a media plan (just give it a name). Here is a screen cap of my first media plan:

Google Ad Planner 7

(8) Let's zoom in on the graph and you will see icons that symbolize the ad placements available via Google AdSense on some of these sites. Notice only one that I have in my list has Google AdSense available. The first icon represents the text ads, the next is the image ad unit and the final one is the gadget ad unit:

Google Ad Planner 8

Notice, you also get impression data directly from Google AdSense!

(9) Zooming in on some of the other columns:

Google Ad Planner 9

Here is what they mean:

  • Comp index: Score showing how concentrated your audience is on a site relative to users in your defined country (example)
  • Unique visitors: Estimated number of visitors from your defined audience you can reach on a specific site
  • Country reach: Estimated percent of total internet users within your defined country
  • Page views: Number of times pages on a specific site have been accessed by your defined audience
  • Content network: Websites, news pages, and blogs that partner with Google to display AdWords ads (more)

So there are many of the screens in Google Ad Planner. Seriously, look how much information Google has on sites. This is just the information they are providing to us for free. I wonder what they are holding back!

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Darrin Ward

06/25/2008 01:00 pm

I wonder how they know some of those demographics.. age, income, etc.?

Barry Schwartz

06/25/2008 01:03 pm

i would think comscore, but they have lots of sources of information.

Brett Tabke

06/25/2008 01:28 pm

> age, income, etc. IP Addresses. Location location location. They can deduced tons about a person from where they are logging in at. Statisticians can guess a persons income to within 10-15%, just from where they live. I am surprised that they don't offer the house address, email address, and ss number of those people as well. This is the tip of the iceberg of what they really know about people. The next big data mine is psycho-graphic info. What can google deduce about people from their searches? I think they can know you better than a shrink would know you. Take some time and read up on the mythical "buy button". > comscore is in the dark ages compared to what google knows.

chris boggs

06/25/2008 03:40 pm

Definitely some toolbar data in there somewhere, as Danny suggested on SearchCast yesterday. As far as the wow factor I am still not that much more impressed with this than I am with which provides much of the similar data. I looked at the two side-by-side using the example and it matches up pretty consistently in terms of the data. I have to agree with Brett thought that this is the tip of the iceberg compared to what they could give us. Also, many people will automatically trust this info more than the Quantcast info simply because it's Google.

Brett Tabke

06/25/2008 04:08 pm

> toolbar data Is minimally useful compared to search and G Analytics data. The cache from GA is a million fold what the toolbar data can deliver. Toolbar data only tells them about the user and their habits and tracks (good for psycho-graphic data on a group level). However, the data hunk is too small. GA tells them about the Site and their visitor habits across the ENTIRE internet population and not just those that have installed the toolbar and enabled the pagerank display. Toolbar data is a tenth of a fraction of this pie. Combining the two and search data, gives a shockingly accurate picture of sites and users alike. I think it is the most important insight and analysis into human online behavior in the history of mankind. It would be hard to under estimate the power this data could have to influence EVERYTHING. > That's too big of a site to compare. That is a big site with a big audience to measure. If a measurement firm can't nail that cold - they need to get out of the business ;-) Now go compare seroundtable and look at the result. Looks to be off by about 40-50%. Imagine how far off they are on blogs that get a tenth the traffic this one does.

Arthur Freydin

06/25/2008 04:11 pm

I agree with Chris about Quantcast being able to show more data (other than AdSense data) than Ad Planner. In Ad Planner's current implementation, there isn't much that surprised me. The future however, can be quite different.

No Name

06/25/2008 06:09 pm

Google owns blogspot, orkut, adsense, ... I think a lot of people honestly fill the profile information. Do not know about income, but some hints could come from adsense, adwords, toolbar data, analytics (conversions) ...

Daniel Ford

06/26/2008 07:12 am

This is from Adplanners help section about the demographic data: Where does Google Ad Planner demographic data come from? Google Ad Planner demographic information is provided by third-party market research data, opt-in consumer user panel data, and algorithms that improve the demographic estimates. Demographic data is available for the United States only.

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