Does Google Needs an Ombudsman or Not?

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Last week, we talked about Google's new tool: trends for websites. In response, Michael Gray wrote a fantastic post about how Google gave us access to our website data, but not Google's itself. When you search for, you get " has no data available for ranking."

" has no data available for tracking"

Not so fair, is it?

Barry Welford takes the discussion to Cre8asite Forums where he says that it may be a good idea for Google to look for an ombudsman to ensure equity. Should it be done?

In theory, it's a good idea. Will it work, though? It's hard to say. The concept of "fairness" on the Internet is difficult to ascertain, according to Joe Dolson. In another counter-argument, iamlost says that the web developers need to grow up. This is exactly what happens because you're using Google Analytics. (Thus, the Google Trends data is actually an opt-in procedure.) Still, however, just because Google is so big doesn't entitle them to do whatever they want. An ombudsman would be a private entity (hired by Google) to ensure fairness on all fronts. Personally, I think that it's a very smart idea.

The discussion ensues on Cre8asite Forums, with many people thinking that it may not work out, and others believing that Google already has a right to use this information in this particular case, so applying the ombudsman theory to this argument is a weak one. Check it out at the Cre8asite Forums.

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