Many SEOs Feel The Minus X Penalties Are Back Link Related

Mar 24, 2008 • 8:06 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

Backlinks and Penalties PollA month ago I wrote, Google's Matt Cutts Replies to -60 Penalty Thread at Google where I summarize how Matt said some links are hurting a particular site.

At that point, I decided to poll our readers and see if they feel that most of the "minus" X related threads and penalties are back link related or something else. Most believe the penalties are related to one's back links.

Here is the break down:

  • 47% said Yes (50 responses)
  • 28% said No Idea (30 responses)
  • 25% said No (26 responses)

My personal feeling is that many of those perceived penalties have to do with the links to the site. Just a hunch.

Forum discussion continued at Google Groups.

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imran ali

03/24/2008 12:22 pm

My poll is YES.


03/24/2008 01:46 pm

If this is true, I would have started 'link building' for my competitors yesterday...

Barry Schwartz

03/24/2008 01:52 pm

Maybe you should. ;-)

03/24/2008 05:11 pm

I'd throw my weight behind the "YES" in most cases - It has been happening more and more and I wrote up on a real life case here:


03/24/2008 05:14 pm

In my experience I have found a trend in penalties and surges in linking as I documented in a recent post based on real life experience

Chris Baldwin

03/25/2008 08:33 am

very interesting. I think google is moving back to applying backlink penalties and this is going to get worse. Google webmaster tool needs to quickly introduce a feature to reject incoming links like yahoo site explorer has to avoid competitors abusing this backlink penalty rule


06/14/2008 06:41 pm

our job is accelerate the process of what would happen with a strong web site. I’m not surprised by the YES vote here

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