Search Marketing Forum Advance Fee Fraud (AKA Nigeria Scam)?

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Yesterday, I received a private message from a DigitalPoint Forums member that was asking for help. The member said he is from Egypt and has a PayPal account used for online transactions. He said his PayPal account "got limited" and the only way for him to withdraw funds from his account is to mail the check to a US address.

He said that when I get the check, I can then send him the money via e-gold, moneybookers, or western union.

He then ends:

Please be sure of that, the account is %100 legal, and I am not a scammer.

Typically, when someone needs to explain that they are a 100% legal and not a scammer, you need to be worried about something.

But after doing some research, it appears that this person may just need some help. He started a DigitalPoint Forums thread asking for help and as you can see, he has over 200 posts at DigitalPoint Fourms, clearly some history there.

Will I help? No way. It still seems to fishy for me. Typically, in the Nigeria scams, they send you money, it initially clears with your bank and then 2 weeks later you learn that it bounced. By then it is too late and you sent them real money. This is called advance fee fraud.

I still think this guy may be legit, but I won't be risking it. Beware of such possible scams in SEO/SEM forums.

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01/05/2008 09:39 pm

BEWARE The banking system of the united states is also in on the act of these fraudulant emails promissing money. THEY ARE BANK COLLECTORS IN DISGUISE using go betweens. They are trying to steal your money if you are or can not pay them back. Especially if you are on disability. YOU do not have to pay the bankers this disability of yours for it is for your health care. The can not touch it what so ever. I have talked to Lawers about this. If you have property that is not vital to your well being they can put a lien or lawsuit up against that. I am a prime example. They can not touch me. Look at the statue of limitations for collection on Credit cards in your state. If it is pass this they can not take it either if that is the state you sign the form at. They mail then from the USA so do not be deceived. They are! Go betweens. Take your money out of the bank and use cash. They track you and everything you purchase. But not the cash. and only cash. anything else they can. They can track you on the internet also through your ISP. These banking institutions are the real culprit. They trying to settle the debt of the US and it is their own fault for developing the federal reserve bank which was never suppose to have exsisted from the start of the USA in 1776. They snuck it in on jeckel Island off the coast of Georgia around 1900. This gives rise to inflation and money that does not even exsist. Monopoly money. There is more owed in u.s. debt than their exsists in american dollars. They should be equal to be stable or in equalibrium and it is not. What do you think it will be like 30 years from now? Will the dollar bill look like the mexican peso practally worthless. Pass this all around. I am a valued u.s. citizen and have been ripped off by them. Some of the Fraudulant emails are not from the u.s. so don't get me wrong. They are using this as a mask or cover up so that they are not detected. I have gone through a long term trial to find this out the hard way. They made the laws they made the rules they are the ones that are cruel and I am no fool. Your spouce, relatives or others you live with could be in on this as my mother is. They give a fee to them by giving out information on you when they call them, yes them they know who you live with. They know a lot about you because you give it to them by using the internet. People who you do not even know or have information about you or if you've never been on the internet you can receive parcels at your door still. As I have and never contacted them at all in the first place. And yes I use the internet. The information is either bought or sold or taken off of your computer through anonomous website that are fraudulant but come through as clean. That is why microsoft set up the phishing security on more current web browsers. USE it. They are an independant company and do not know what they really gave you with this. But the bankers with government together know how to get around it for they have working for them people who are computer experts in the IT or information technology field.

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