New Search News Facebook App by Danny & Me

Dec 21, 2007 • 8:11 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search Engine Industry News

Search News For FacebookEvery day, Danny and I always make a note to each other about how busy the search marketing industry will be today from a news and forum posts perspective. We finally bit the bullet and designed a Facebook application that shares our thoughts on that with you. The facebook application can be reached at Search News for Facebook and added to your profile.

Right now, it is fairly cold. The news is slow, the forums are fairly slow, so I set it at cold. It can get as hot as Sizzling or as cold as Freezing! Danny and I hope to update the temperature at least every work-day morning, to let you know how crazy we feel the day will be. If things change throughout the day that warrant a change to the temperature, we will update the temperature on the application.

In addition to having the temperature, it also shares the latest news from the Search Engine Roundtable and Search Engine Land by default, but you can also add your own to the mix!

So add the Search News for Facebook to your profile, to see it on my profile, go here. You can also become a fan of our new Search Engine Roundtable Facebook Fan page.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums and Sphinn.

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12/21/2007 02:41 pm

it's "Danny and me." :p Congrats I will get it today!

Tamar Weinberg

12/21/2007 02:48 pm

Chris, actually, it's not. Forget "Danny" in the sentence. Let's revise it without the Danny part. "Every day, I always make a note..." sounds a lot better than "Every day, me always make a note." Don't you think so? Barry is right. I'm his copy editor so I should know. ;)

Tamar Weinberg

12/21/2007 03:24 pm

okay! We just realized what you were talking about. Nevermind then. Moving right along....


12/21/2007 03:31 pm

haha yep i was talking about the title I just wnated to make sure you guys knew I was aorund so I decided to mess with you. I don't see the app yet on my profile I have to figure out where it goes...maybe it takes a bit to upload? Is it not supposed to show up on my profile page?


12/21/2007 07:45 pm

I'd love to an app like this designed for the iPhone!

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