Google AdWords Adding Category & Domain Ads Exclusion Feature?

Nov 9, 2007 • 7:32 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

Some people at DigitalPoint Forums are reporting seeing a new tool in Google AdWords that allows you to specify if you want to block your content ads from showing up on "Domain Ads" and "Error Page Ads." Plus you can also block your ads from showing on sites about specific niches.

Currently, on the Tools page, you can click on "Site Exclusion" and specify domains, subdomains, and single directory names that you do not want your content ads to be displayed on. The extra functionality that some people see are the ability to block categories of ads.

One member said:

Instead of excluding individual sites, it appears that I can now block certain categories of site, as well as "Domain Ads" and "Error Page Ads".

This seems like an awesome feature and I am eagerly awaiting more information from Google on this.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

Update: Google called me late Friday to tell me that this is a beta they are running with a select number of AdWords advertisers. They were unable to give me any more information about this beta. I asked for a lot, but all I got was a confirmation that this exists. David at RedFly Marketing is part of this beta and has posted some detailed screen captures of this in action. Check out the screen captures here.

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Richard Ball

11/09/2007 06:11 pm

Barry, when you talk to Google could you please find out if this applies to the search network as well as the content network? I'd actually want to block AdSense for Domains traffic on the search network but not on the content network. I've posted some specific examples of what's wrong with the kind of parked domain traffic Google distributes on the search network. Because of the way they classify some parked domains, they are routing contextual advertising through their search network. That's a problem. Also, just as there's a wide variety in the quality of sites on the content network, there's a wide variety in the quality of parked domains Google ads run on. I don't think a binary option of all AdSense for Domains traffic either on or off is a good solution. If that's really what they're implementing, why don't they instead create a separate ad distribution option, domain network, in addition to the existing search network and content network choices?


11/10/2007 10:40 pm

That's good news. Prior to this, Google required the advertiser to whine and moan about domain ads and error pages not converting before they flicked a "magical switch" on their end for Content Network campaigns. They're really shooting themselves in the foot for including this option by default in everyone's account options.

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