A "Google Slap"

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GuyFromChicago, a well respected personality from DigitalPoint Forums, who also runs PPC Discussions, went off on a rant in a DigitalPoint Forums thread. He called those who have a poor quality score and high minimum bid, and also blame Google, a "Google Slap."

He said, a Google Slap is a synonym for "I don't know how to use AdWords so I'll blame it on something that makes it sound like it's out of my control."

Do you agree? Are all those people complaining about having a low quality score and high minimum bid, whiners?

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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07/18/2007 05:26 pm

You can't just group 'all' these people together. Of course some people are whiners because they don't want to put the time and effort into figuring out why they have low QS and high minimum bid. But there are also people like me who have a very relevant group of keywords in one ad group, the ad text is keyword loaded, and so is the landing page yet I still have a low quality score that makes my keywords become inactive. The click-through rates are average so what gives? I've asked my Google rep this question several times, and they don't even know what to tell me. If Google can't figure it out, how can we? I also find it funny that I can set that same group of keywords a bid of lets just say $0.15 and they'll all be active and doing great, then the next week they're all inactive and asking for a $0.20 minimum bid. If someone could explain it to me and help me understand, maybe I wouldn't whine about it. :)

Chris Peters

07/19/2007 03:24 pm

I tend to notice that the same people whine and whine in the forums. This makes it as if whining solves the problem. And it reminds me of that person in college that always raised their hand and asked ultra-specific questions that could have waited until a discussion after class. I agree at some level that people's ineffectiveness comes from laziness. If you have a low quality score, you probably need to make another landing page that addresses that key phrase better. Ask yourself what the searcher's intent is in performing that search and create content that addresses that intent. Read Search Engine Marketing, Inc. for more ideas because PPC is becoming more like organic every day. If you don't want to do all of that work, then shut up and pay more. In all fairness, there is a "leap of faith" that goes into running PPC campaigns because a lot of the rules behind it are hidden from marketers. Why did the minimum bid go up? How many people are bidding now? Did I really _need_ to pay $23 for that click? No access to that data, and trust is expected from the search marketers...

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