Do Link Exchanges Still Help With Improving Search Rankings?

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A WebmasterWorld thread is having a debate over the topic of link exchanges.

There are those that believe link exchanges help improve your rankings in the search results, then there are those that believe they do not help.

Tedster quotes Google's Matt Cutts as saying:

"Reciprocal links by themselves aren’t automatically bad, but we’ve communicated before that there is such a thing as excessive reciprocal linking."

That is the key, "excessive." Everything in moderation, is the line my dad tells me. Same applies here. You can see a positive return from exchanging some links with relevant sites. But don't go overboard and create dozens of links pages. Make it natural.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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07/12/2007 12:22 pm

It cracks me up when webmasters get so worried about recip links. Do they not get the differences between a linking scheme and legit link trading. SER and SEL link to each other all the time. A large number of SEO blogs link to each other. I linke to SER and SER links to me. We never talked about a link trade we both just independently saw something we like on each others sites and linked.


07/12/2007 12:31 pm

Concerning the idea of web 2.0, the concept of link exchanges is quickly becoming redundant in favour of content linking and syndicated publication. Not that a link excange will hurt, just that there are far smarter, more beneficial ways to recipriate.

Cody Ward

07/12/2007 01:59 pm

I think it's easy to say that linking happens naturally for the SEO blogging community. One, everyone knows the benefits of it and reciprocates links automatically. Two, content is created daily to link to. For a small business or a new to the web business, their only choice is link exchanges. Of course they could just "ask" and hope for the best, maybe try and explain the benefits. A new site or an unlinked to site has little to offer other websites besides a link. Hopefully that link will be worth something someday. Another options is they can allocate some of their budget to paid links, but this adds up quick if you're paying $75-300 a month. If you're one of those rare sites that has a great concept, viral marketing will take care of your backlinks. However, if you're like most sites with average content or a regular purchased product, you should probably start partnering up with some other webmasters who have similiar themed sites.

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