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There has been a lot of buzz recently about how Google has been indexing blog content or fresh content very quickly. Not only is Google indexing and crawling the fresh content, but also showing the content in the search results within a few hours of that content being posted.

A DigitalPoint Forums thread has some people noticing Google picking up and ranking new content within three hours.

The forum thread there kind of went off topic, but I have seen many examples of blog content getting picked up and ranked fairly quickly at Google.

Is it a Universal Search thing or just Google being fast? We know, Google wants to consolidate spiders to be more efficient in their crawls. Using blog crawlers helps.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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07/09/2007 01:29 pm

It only makes sense. I operate a fire blog (Firefighter Blog)and Google has "discovered" my content and displayed it quickly in the main index. My information is fresher than the newspaper sites and searchers are appreciating it. Google recognizes this.


07/09/2007 04:23 pm

I found a few of my posts on the front page of Google within 3 hours of posting. This started about 2 weeks ago. I started using Technorati for some of my searches, but if Google keeps this up I will probably drop using Technorati. Michael

Arun Agrawal

07/10/2007 11:53 am

That's quite logical! Google wants to discover and index the latest content on the Internet and blogs are known for the quickest publishing of notes on any new phenomenon. Great match and cool reward :)


10/04/2007 09:16 am

Absolutely. the best way to get indexed fast is to publish, submit, blog, backlink and seed article in all directories. Voila there you Go!


06/13/2008 06:37 pm


Thomas J Kent Jr.

07/16/2009 03:59 pm

I have definitely noticed an increase in the amount of time it takes Google to index my pages.


07/26/2009 07:45 am

This may have been the case in 2007/2008, but now, in the middle of 2009 - it certainly is not! I have become so frustrated with having to push and probe and shove and wait for “the big G” to index my site, that I was thinking I had to be doing something wrong! So I set up an experiment, called “My Little Google Experiment”, during which I set up two identical blogs in Wordpress and Blogspot, to see who indexes it when - I post the results on there as well. So far, not as much as a peep from Google or Yahoo - MSN however, will take you straight to the wordpress blog… hhmm interesting. So I can't agree with your statements about being indexed quickly…


02/14/2010 08:05 am


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