Network Solutions Guarantees Top Search Engine Rankings

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It appears that Network Solutions, the domain name registrar, is now in the search engine optimization. They have a page guaranteeing top search engine results or your money back.

Here are the various plans:

  • You can pay $1800 and get no guarantee to rank 10 keywords well
  • You can pay $2800 to submit 20 keywords of which 5 are guaranteed to be top ten
  • You can pay $3800 to submit 30 keywords of which 10 are guaranteed to be top ten
  • You can pay $5800 to submit 50 keywords of which 20 are guaranteed to be top ten

There is fine print, of course....

  • No flash sites
  • No adult keywords
  • No hosting service downtime allowed
  • No changes can be made to the site
  • Top ten rankings in any of the 12 search engines within 10 months from completion date
  • And more

If you look at the process they laid out for their top 10 search results plan, you can see a bit more. For example, they recommend their "Link Building Service package and/or an optimized Press Release" with their "Top 10 Search Results package." So right there, we see that link building is not included in the main package. They conduct keyword research and a site analysis, they write the content for you, they submit to search engines (I don't know why), they make links from your current home page to your new "optimized pages," they do reporting and then watch.

I am honestly considering giving it a try, just to see the quality of work. Should be fun. Any ideas for a site topic?

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06/29/2007 11:26 am

Brand new affilate site.. Maybe ringtones / ipods hehehehe

chris boggs

06/29/2007 12:50 pm

wouldn't matter if it was Viagra, even, since the guarantee applies to "any of the 12 search engines." My 2 year old son should be able to get a site ranked in one out of 12 SEs...


06/29/2007 01:39 pm

No mention of natural result either... PPC con again lol..

Steven Bradley

06/29/2007 05:49 pm

I think Chris nailed it that your guaranteed rank will end up being on a search engine that isn't in the top 4 or 5. But for a topic how about something real estate related.

Brian Mark

06/29/2007 08:27 pm

Pick a listener to your show at random and allow them to be the lucky recipient. ;)

Bill Hartzer

06/29/2007 08:35 pm

The only thing that I can think of is that perhaps NetSol will use their domain to host the optimized pages...which might have some sort of bearing since they've been around so long. Chris definitely nails it on the head, though. ;)

Jaan Kanellis

06/30/2007 12:19 am

This tells you all you need to know: "Top ten rankings in any of the 12 search engines within 10 months" I can almost "guarantee" that none of the engines that you rank one will be MSN, Google or Yahoo!

David Saunders

06/30/2007 09:27 pm

I have used Net Sol for years and years and there has always been an "upsell" in many shapes and forms - I have to say sites that I have hosted on Net Sol have ranked well naturally but I don't fall for this pitch - well I do this for a living don't I? I just feel sorry for the mugs that see it as a magic pot of gold. David


07/02/2007 01:12 pm

How about launching a new website promising vague, false hopes... "we'll send you a unicorn within 10 months if you happen to live in one of the 12 biggest cities in the world."

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