Publishers Switching Back to Yahoo! Publisher Network

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We reported back in April that Yahoo publishers were leaving Yahoo for Google AdSense. Ever since Google took a stance on MFA sites, it seems like many publishers are giving Yahoo another shot, with their Yahoo! Publisher Network product.

A DigitalPoint Forums thread has several publishers taking another look at Yahoo! They are finding that the relevancy of the ads are strong and now consistent and the earnings are getting better every day, relative to Google AdSense.

Yesterday, I could not believe it. On one page that I put YPN back on, they were able to serve THREE TARGETED ADS INSTANTLY, no refresh required. I refreshed a few times, and they STUCK (unlike a few months ago)! I tried another page - SAME THING! Another, SAME THING! So I kept going.

Let me try a sample live YPN ad right below this line, just to see:

Don't get me wrong, Yahoo just recently released their own form of smart pricing for their contextual product, they call it a new quality pricing model - where they received some criticism over but mostly praise from their advertisers.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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Stephen Ward

06/20/2007 06:25 pm

I have a feeling that Google's happy to let Yahoo have them. After all, the sites being banned are often hotbeds of spam and click fraud. I imagine Google's glad to let them be a drain on their biggest competitor's advertisers.

Matt Cutts

06/21/2007 12:08 am

The Yahoo ad I'm seeing is for "Healthcare Marketing". Barry, are you getting into the medical space? :)

Barry Schwartz

06/21/2007 12:56 am

I see dental ads. That is why I put it there, to see how the relevancy was doing. But this is just one ad.


06/21/2007 01:52 pm

Now it's displaying 'SEO' ads.

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