Google Analytics Releases New Version With Sleek New User Interface


Yesterday I was prepped by the folks on Google for my post on Google Analytics Launches New Version With New UI & Features at Search Engine Land. What is new? In short, there is a new user interface, sleek new graphs and reports, and features such as email reports, customizable dashboards and easier to understand explanations of reports. The Google Blog and Google Analytics Blog both now have posts on this new release.

There are tons of screen captures floating around Flickr. Google sent me a few, but here is a screen capture of the dashboard.

New Google Analytics Time on Site

For a smooth transition, here are a few helpful resources specific to the new version:
  • Take a tour of the new version
  • Report Finder Tool: will help you see where data from the previous interface is located within the new version (it is also linked to from within your reports on the left navigation menu)
  • FAQs for more details about the new version
  • New version features page

Both DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld have threads on the release. Here are some comments from those who were already upgraded, don't worry if you do not see the new analytics yet, you will within a few weeks.

Just logged in and have seen the new version. I like the AJAX elements, but like you, it will take time to adjust to it.

Definitley a much snazzier interface, I really like the new graphing options

The new site overlay feature is really sweet also. So is the Graphing comparisons month-to-month.

Again, if you do not see the new version - you will in the next several weeks. If you see the new version and want the old version, you will be able to access it for at least 30 days.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld.

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05/09/2007 01:44 pm

As google intended, I'm sure it will help webmasters understand the meaning of the detailed data made available and as a result help users improve problem areas of their website. As with everything new - i'll look forward to unravelling the new interface.


05/14/2007 08:42 pm

1. Buggy in Firefox 2. Graphics are too large and text is equally as obnoxious 3. Data that used to be viewable on the front page are now 3-5 levels deep ex. New maps - I used to be able to look at the executive summary and see where people came from and numbers right there. Now I have to do region/country/city before I can see anything - this is huge esp when monitoring activity of 500k visitors 4. no network location cross-reference data -- includes kw (no data) 5. Cannot see all goal data at the same time 6. Cannot compare visits, pageviews and conversions at the same time 7. Not organized well - things do not follow a logical progression 8. Items are difficult to locate 9. No real navigational elements 10.Can only view 100 items at a time instead of 500 not bad on small sites, but on a large site where we get 1/2 a million visitors a month it is severely restrictive etc etc etc... and this is just from the first 15 mins of using it. I will go back to the old til they force the new, but I think they made a horrible mistake - along the lines of IE 7 - it is a lousy product! Only people who use analytics for cursory data will be ok with this - if you are a heavy user for a corporate or high trafficked site these changes are going to severely limit your business model. I think it is time to reconsider our options.

Angry User

05/16/2007 07:22 am

To Matt the one who posted about ecommerce - I am betting that it is people like us with ecommerce sites (and the ones most in need of the analytics for monetary decisions) are the ones who are really finding this site deficient- all the "wow its so cool and shiny" people are not trying to view visits, bounce, page view and conversion rates all on the same table (which you cannot get to anymore), or bulk export 10's of thousands of lines of information in a report, or who need to use network location for cross reference or who need hrly reports to make informed decisions, or who need to see country data instantly not 5 clicks down, or who need keyword and landing page data cross referenced or who are going to create so many dashboards that they will spend all day scrolling because the architecture is so poorly designed for us.. nope shiny happy bloggers, small site owners and the rest are going to determine the nightmare for the rest of us.. I physically get an ill feeling in my stomach every time i try to just locate the simplest of datum.. nope seems that google decided the webmaster/ecommerce director was unimportant.. so cheers to all of you who find the lack of comprehensive data so appealing - I love to hunt and peck for everything and then screen shoting it so i can review it together.. or even better making another oversized graphic for my home page that is still not comprehensive for my needs.. for me it just means more work and that makes me angry -- and as an angry customer whose company spends more than a million a year in ad buy from think it would matter but it doesn't from what i have read here.. so yay for the user who does not really need it -- so glad it impresses you with it shiny oversized graphics, browser issues and lack of proper functionality for people who actually spend money on google ... the 12th graders here need a product that is not geared to the kindergarten class.. but thanks to Google we are now writing on wide ruled construction paper with colored crayon - yay i am so happy about it I could just scream....

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