What To Do When Your In House SEO Goes Bad?

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There is a unique thread at Search Engine Watch Forums where a person describes a case of an in-house SEO that has gone bad.

He said that before he came on to work for a company, they had an in-house SEO. The in-house SEO left to start his or her own SEO practice through his or her blog. So now this SEO is marketing himself through his SEO blog, which is cool.

However, the new SEO said that he "found two separate instances of this person attempting to put hidden links to their own sites in this client's site's code."

He asks how should he handle this. He lists a few different ways to handle this:

(1) Confront the SEO (2) Tell the client about this (3) Publicly tell people about this via a blog or forum

In my opinion, you have no choice but to tell the client about this. Maybe, but highly doubtful, they knew about those links. Then I would bring this evidence to the SEO and ask him why he or she did this. Maybe he or she has a valid reason or maybe it was an honest mistake, yes there can be reasons for this - but I cannot think of any at the moment.

There is no reason to go public with this information at this point. However, if you see the SEO repeatedly using these practices, placing hidden links on client sites, and if the top two methods do not work, then you may have to notify the public. May have to but I would do everything to avoid that.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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05/09/2007 02:30 pm

Good advice. What that SEO did was cold. As an in house SEO myself, I am angered to hear that slime like this is happening. But I guess we live in a world that can be cold like this. Expose it! Warn others against it! - Marek (jazyfko)

Cvos SEO

05/09/2007 11:29 pm

Sadly enough i've seen it as well. Unfortunately they can get penalized by the hidden link as well.


05/10/2007 12:59 am

WOW. That is some shady stuff. Maybe he convinced the clients that this would benefit them in some way. Regardless, the only way for SEMs to shake the negative perception that is out there is to cull the bad ones from the herd. SWEEP THE LEG JOHNNY! NO MERCY!


05/10/2007 05:07 pm

to(1) of course I would do this, it´s important to talk about every misconduct to(2) I also would do this, because if the client would recognize by himself, it would be a big problem to(3) I think, it´s not necessary, but is related to (1)

Zeeshan Samdani

01/15/2009 02:03 am

I think it might be a good idea to go public about this, just for the fact that it could make a good social media story that might get some backlinks and hype, i'd suggest blogging about this and submitting to sphinn and other relevant forums, don't have to name the Seo in question, whats done is done ><

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