Blog Like Searches Bring Up Special One Box Result For Google's Blogger

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As Danny wrote Google Pushing New Blogger In Search Results searching on anything with the term "blog" in it our part of it (i.e. blogging, blogs X, etc) will bring up this special one box result promoting Google's Blogger application.

There was recently a lot of stink over Google using AdWords to promote their own products. Danny said that he has "no problem with the tip." Danny adds that he "wants Google to do promos like this outside of the ad units, so advertisers aren't to lose a spot to Google itself."

Let's take a look:

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Now, that is some pretty real estate that is not for sale. Why is a search on prenatal care bloggers or barry schwartz blogging related to Blogger or even at all relevant?

I think Google should use AdWords, like they said they do and pay like the rest of the world. I believe Yahoo! has totally separate divisions that market their products and they keep them totally off limits to the search side of things. I know, Google is a search company, Yahoo is a media company, so it makes it hard. But it is possible.

I much rather they play in the fair ground then insert a one box result, which has much higher visibility then the ads (I would assume).

We have a thread on this at Search Engine Roundtable Forums since December 20th and member PPCblogger makes a very valid point:

I just find it amusing after Matt Cutts recent comments about hard coding products into search results after the whole should Google advertise on Google argument -

"I agree that buying ads where other people can outbid you is much better than hard-coding the search results page to favor someone. That’s what Yahoo does with searches like [online advertising]."

Thats pretty much what Google are doing with their 'tip'.

Of course, as Phillip noted, they do the same thing for calendar or barry's calendar.


It just seems wrong to me.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

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Chris Boggs

12/22/2006 04:11 pm

why is it wrong? Would you want people suggesting what you do with the real estate on SER or Cartoon Barry Blog? Sounds like we may actually disagree on this topic next Pulse. ;)

Barry Schwartz

12/22/2006 05:03 pm

If I ran an unbiased search engine, that would be different. SER is a very biased blog. :)

Matt Cutts

12/22/2006 06:38 pm

I don't have any inside insight on this, but maybe someone saw that Yahoo was doing tips and getting *less* grief than if they'd bought ads. ;)

Barry Schwartz

12/22/2006 06:47 pm

Lose - Lose Situation Matt. Just give up already!

Matt Cutts

12/22/2006 06:55 pm

Barry, take your article and substitute the word "Yahoo" for "Google". Now why didn't you write that article? :) Because they've done it for years. :)

Barry Schwartz

12/22/2006 07:39 pm

I have, a few times, here is one I found...

Matt Cutts

12/22/2006 08:59 pm

I read that one as more "search for Google and you'll get a search box," which is slightly different than just having tips. My point is that people sometimes criticize Google for doing something when other engines have been doing it to an even larger extent.

David Dalka

12/23/2006 01:32 pm

Matt Cutts writes: "Barry, take your article and substitute the word "Yahoo" for "Google". Now why didn't you write that article? :) Because they've done it for years. :)" Note to self: Must write "Google is the New Yahoo!" post before Barry does. Oh, crap, I forgot he types so fast, I guess the honor is all his...

Barry Schwartz

12/23/2006 10:43 pm

I have witty response, with evidence, but I'll tell you one and one instead of posting a response. :)

Jacopo Gonzales

12/26/2006 08:27 am

I also noticed that the tracking code used in this case is different than the much longer one Google typically adopts. I just wonder why...

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