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Matt Cutts of Google is known as a spam fighter, he is part of Google's Search Quality team and has a inner moral spirit to prevent web spam from creeping up in the Google search results. Watching Matt Cutts in action is something to see, when spotting out spam or just reviewing typical sites in terms of search quality. At PubCon's Thursday Interactive Site Reviews and SERP Quality Control Forum, Matt sat at the end of the table, with his laptop turned to him only, and his search quality (spam fighting) tools fired up while connected to the Google VPN.

If you want to know what goes through Matt's mind during a site review panel, then read his own review of the panel, it is pretty enlightening to read it from the horses mouth.

But if you want to see the reaction of the crowd as Matt chews on these sites, you have to go to the conference. I heard many wows, laughs and OMG! at the conference during this panel. But how did he (Matt) know that? Where did he learn about this? etc.

WebmasterWorld has a great thread with reaction to Matt and his secret search spam fighting tools. I tried my best to get a screen capture of Matts screen, but it is almost impossible. He doesn't accept bribes (why would he need to?) and he is very protective over his laptop (who isnt?).

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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SearcH EngineS WeB

11/30/2006 01:16 pm

One very valuable paragraph from this is the revealing that Google's ALGOS do not in fact value reciprocal links as much as they do one way links. Although, the term 'EXCESSIVE' is used, it makes on attempt to indicate what BL amount is considered excessive. So, it opens another possiblity, that THREE way links are potentially better than recips, you are trying to get those high quality links that mostly only goes to those with PULL. here is the excerpt: ================================== ////Several times during the session, it was readily apparent that someone had tried to do reciprocal links as a “quick hit” to increase their link popularity. When I saw that in the backlinks, I tried to communicate that 1) it was immediately obvious to me, and therefore our algorithms can do a pretty good job of spotting excessive reciprocal links, and 2) in the instances that I looked at, the reciprocal links weren’t doing any good. I urged folks to spend more time looking for ways to make a compelling site that attract viral buzz or word of mouth. Compelling sites that are well-marketed attract editorially chosen links, which tend to help a site more.

Michael Martinez

12/01/2006 12:56 am

1 or 2 people usually suffer in a 3-way link arrangement. People need to focus on getting NATURAL links, rather than asking, begging, or buying links in a frenzy. You can get along on paid links for a while, but eventually the expense adds up. Then what? You can keep asking for links, but that is time-onsuming and it annoys many people (especially people like me who are fed up with the practice). You can offer to swap links on your site but I think the best approach is to simply link out to good content. I get a lot of inbound links without asking for them, swapping, or buying simply because I link out to good content. I've been doing that for years. Be a resource that people value, and they will link to you.


12/07/2006 01:09 am

I wish he would spend a little bit of time analyzing some of their OWN CUSTOMERS who use ADWORDS to set up LINK FARMS, SPLOGS and more. I

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