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Matt Cutts of Google is known as a spam fighter, he is part of Google's Search Quality team and has a inner moral spirit to prevent web spam from creeping up in the Google search results. Watching Matt Cutts in action is something to see, when spotting out spam or just reviewing typical sites in terms of search quality. At PubCon's Thursday Interactive Site Reviews and SERP Quality Control Forum, Matt sat at the end of the table, with his laptop turned to him only, and his search quality (spam fighting) tools fired up while connected to the Google VPN.

If you want to know what goes through Matt's mind during a site review panel, then read his own review of the panel, it is pretty enlightening to read it from the horses mouth.

But if you want to see the reaction of the crowd as Matt chews on these sites, you have to go to the conference. I heard many wows, laughs and OMG! at the conference during this panel. But how did he (Matt) know that? Where did he learn about this? etc.

WebmasterWorld has a great thread with reaction to Matt and his secret search spam fighting tools. I tried my best to get a screen capture of Matts screen, but it is almost impossible. He doesn't accept bribes (why would he need to?) and he is very protective over his laptop (who isnt?).

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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