PayPal Users Already Switching to GBuy?

Jun 28, 2006 • 8:32 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

We know that Gbuy, Google Payments is coming soon, heck I have been accepted within Google Base to accept Google Payments for a while. But people are anxiously awaiting the public release of this Google Payments, GBuy payment solution from Google.

There is a DigitalPoint Poll asking users Are you going to make the switch to Gbuy? The results so far are a bit shocking, since no one really has publicly tested it.

Currently we have over 38% saying they will switch, only 19% saying they will not and 42% saying they just don't know. Why would someone switch without seeing it first? Well, it is Google.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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Chris Boggs

06/28/2006 01:43 pm

I would switch to GBUy just because of what Paypal did to :P


06/28/2006 01:50 pm

I will switch 100% and can't wait I do hope G gets to grip with all the BS con artist emails from everywhere - I would imagine so if one uses GMail as they would know what is and is not a con??? Right??? David


06/28/2006 02:49 pm

That survey has only about 30 people lol


06/28/2006 09:11 pm

I would seriously consider switching 'cause as a casual (few times a year user) PayPal is almost impossible to figure out.

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