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What I am about to show you is nothing new, it happens all the time, but today is starting out to be a slow day, so I thought I post on it.

I DigitalPoint member conducted a search on the keyword [baby] and up came an eBay ad. eBay AdWords ads come up all the time for random keywords and they often are funny to read, since the content of the ad is auto generated and often don't make much sense. In our case of the [baby] search, we get an ad that reads;

Baby Buy it Cheap on eBay Low Prices, New and Used


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Chris Beasley

06/21/2006 01:07 pm

I always chuckle when I google myself and see that I can buy myself on ebay.

Loren Baker

06/21/2006 01:53 pm

Baby Barry on the way?

Barry Schwartz

06/21/2006 02:22 pm

Um... Gulp. Not that I know of. :) Nice to have comments back on.

Anthony Ettinger

06/21/2006 07:59 pm

That is funny.

Chris Boggs

06/21/2006 08:10 pm

Haha babys may be cheap but the upkeep is the killer...

David Berkowitz

06/21/2006 10:25 pm

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06/23/2006 09:49 am

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DaMan Conners

07/11/2008 03:45 pm

Babies, Buy them on ebay. There talking about the toy baby... check this site out... Funny Pictures and Video!!!

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