Grehan Takes Forum Discussion to ClickZ Article

Jan 9, 2006 • 3:52 pm | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Remember our coverage of The Big Dogs Debate the Sandbox Theory? It was a forum thread on the sandbox theory where the "big dogs", Mike Grehan, Danny Sullivan, Jill Whalen, DaveN and so on debated the sandbox. In reality, everyone but Mike agreed there is some sort of sandbox affect out there. Then Mike stopped defending his argument for his beliefs on the sandbox theory at the forums and announced it at at his "own pad". Then today a ClickZ article named Goodbye, SEO Push. Hello, SEO Pull which basically is his response in article format to the whole sandbox theory. He notes that Jill did argue with him, in that ClickZ article. He did not note the other names that disagree with him, including Danny Sullivan. Some people actually took this article a bit too personally.

My only pet peeve is that it should be defended in the original forum thread. :)

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Jason Golod

01/09/2006 09:35 pm

Agreed. No reason to take your ball and go home.


01/09/2006 10:40 pm

yeah, I suppose I should have responded in the thread, but the discussion was already off site, so I figured... (plus I needed something to blog about today - I'm sure you know how that goes) As for taking it personally - it just really struck a nerve. Happens to the best of us.


01/10/2006 02:10 am

Truth is, I'm an idiot. Not sure why I took it so personally, nor why I posted so harshly. Apologies to Mike - he deserves better.

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