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In the past we covered the tough decision WebmasterWorld had to make in regards to linking to blogs. The final decision was to never link to any blog, no matter what, as a matter of policy. I respect that decision greatly.

Yesterday I noticed that the founder of WebmasterWorld, Brett Tabke, made one exception to the rule. In a thread started by Brett named Google employee FAQ site, which links to the new Matt Cutt's Blog.

Brett calls it more of a "FAQ site", but by the name of the site and the URL, it seems to me its more of a blog then this site. The site resides at the URL http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/. Just some forum politics for you in the AM.

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08/17/2005 01:20 pm

Looks a little bit like a blog to me, too. :)


08/17/2005 04:44 pm

Yah, if that's not a blog, I dunno what a blog is.


08/17/2005 06:29 pm

I like WMW, but Brett is a bit of a control freak. I read a post there the other day where users were discussing the site policy of not allowing you to register with a gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. address. Brett posted "policies are internal and not for public discussion" Geez, that puts the communism in community. The policy may be valid - but to not even "allow" members to discuss it???

Barry Schwartz

08/17/2005 07:09 pm

I have no issue with his policies at all, it is his forum and its one of the largest on the Internet today. That says something about what he has done with his policies. I will not question them.


08/18/2005 03:49 pm

An example of "do as I say, not as I do". Heck, though, Brett owns WMW, so he can link where he wants. The no blog links policy came about because it's too tough to figure out which links are promotional in nature. Brett has no trouble figuring out whether links he gives are promotional.

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