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The folks over at WebmasterWorld do not always ask for member feedback when it comes to linkage rules. But this week, things are different, Brett Tabke (owner of WebmasterWorld), started a thread named Frogs, Blogs, Moderation and The Current WebmasterWorld Policy (must be a WMW supporter to access thread). In that thread he outlines the dilemma he has regarding linking to blogs and asks for paid�member feedback. I am sure many of you are not "supporters" of the forum, so luckily DG's Desk has a little write up on it, discussing one of the subtopics in the thread on So, Are Blogs "News"?

Basically, I have no issue if they decide not to link to blogs. I have no issue if they decide to not link to any site. WebmasterWorld is its own forum, I go there daily and I know what to expect. Do I dislike the forum because of its strict policies? Absolutely not. I respect those policies and participate, as best I can, within those guidelines. On the other hand, I also participate in extremely liberal forums. Again, I know what to expect there and change my style of posting for that forum. The policies help make up the forum culture. The topic on "what is a blog?" is of more interest to me. That is why I removed the term "Weblog" from this site, see WayBackMachine.

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