Web Analytics Association Calls for Standards


Monday I wrote that Web Analytics Needs Standards Bad, which I then followed up with Bryan Eisenberg live at WebmasterRadio.FM. He told me the Web Analytics Association was working on something and hoped to have it soon. Today, he called me to let me know they posted a white paper at the news section of the WAA site named Web Analytics Key Metrics and KPIs. If you visit that news item, you can then download the white paper from that site. It is very encouraging and I like to see more pressure on the analytics companies to take action on this.

I know Urchin (Owned by Google) is aware of it, but I can not discuss their comments on the topic. Maybe we can drive up enough buzz on this topic that they take action or maybe not.

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05/26/2005 08:13 am

I really wish they would do something about this, I had a rant at cre8asite a while ago after comparing the results of a couple of analysers and getting such hugely differeing numbers, it pretty much makes the exercise useless.

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