Urchin Calls Google, "Home"


End of March, shocking news came our way that Google Buys Urchin Web Analytics. Today I found a new thread at WebmasterWorld named Web Analytics by Google, which led me to a URL by the looks of http://www.google.com/urchin.html. The re-branding of my all-time favorite Web analytics package has begun, look what they did to the logo.


So here it begins. My biggest question is this the end of Urchin's appeal to professional SEOs? Of course, I can see Urchin's product striving amongst everyone outside of the SEO world.

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Jeremy Luebke

05/18/2005 02:46 pm

With the new pricing model Google introduced, I actually the tool will become more popular with SEO's. It's is now at the price point where each client can have their own subscription. Now if you are running a large number or feeder sites or doorway pages, I would avoid urchin. But if you are running straight white hat / content type optimization I see no drawbacks to Urchin.

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