Google & Yahoo! Talk Merger

Apr 1, 2005 • 10:21 am | comments (9) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search Engine Industry News

I have a source, that I can not reveal, that told me Google and Yahoo! are talking about a merger. This is a real reliable source, but if I tell anyone who it is, I am dead. I made a mention of it at this SEW Thread but didn't say anything else since then. Now I see Andy Beal heard the same thing, I would guess from the same source as I. He titled his entry Yahoo and Google Consider Merger?

It makes sense, they know Microsoft is coming at them strong. For both to survive, IMO, they need to team up. Yahoo! has a huge portal share, trying to be part of your life with search. Google has a damn good engine and a great brand for it, like Yahoo! If they team up, MSN has no chance.

How crazy can this be?

Update: Danny has more information in his blog entry named Google & Yahoo Plan Merger; Brin & Page To Depart.

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Yahoo and Google Talking Merge

04/01/2005 03:57 pm

Barry mentions he's heard it from a very reliable source. If true, this would be HUGE. Now what would it be, Yoogle or Goohoo?

Scott Polk

04/01/2005 04:04 pm

Would be interesting, but isn't it April Fools Day today? ... LOL ... nice one Barry


04/01/2005 06:00 pm

April fools...

Todd Mintz

04/01/2005 06:14 pm

April Fools?

Barry Schwartz

04/01/2005 06:19 pm

More info at

Bart N.

04/01/2005 07:03 pm

Yeah right


04/01/2005 07:13 pm

Very clever! Happy April Fool's. Anyone who knows Google, knows that Larry doesn't wear underwear. good one.


04/01/2005 09:32 pm

I know you'd never lie to me Barry. This one's gotta be for real.

Barry Schwartz

04/01/2005 10:48 pm

Now that it is towards the end of the day, let me explain. Most of you know this was an April Fools joke. We tried to get GoogleGuy and Tim Mayer (Yahoo) to get in on it but you know how it goes with those public companies. Blogs that were in on it included; SELowdown, SEW, ThreadWatch, SEJournal, and this one. It was suppose to be a very organized and planned out April Fools joke. But instead it turned out this way. :)

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