Request by Google to Include My Site

Feb 17, 2005 • 8:44 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Well, not my site, but EliteWeb, received an email from Google, which basically asked EliteWeb to allow Google to index the site. EliteWeb said "I received an email from someone at google telling me the benefits of allowing the google spider to index my site. The site in question has a robots.txt file disallowing all search engines."

Moderator DaveN, said that he also received an email like that some time ago. With DaveN, his site was banned, he then disallowed Google from going to the site, Google sent a reinclusion request to DaveN for the site and he removed the no index. Then Google came back, indexed it, ranked it, and then banned it again 3 months later.

The question is, what would trigger a Reinclusion Request Directly from Google. Seems very unlike them.

Forum thread at WebmasterWorld.

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Ben Pfeiffer

02/17/2005 09:17 pm

Just an idea, but I am guessing the are doing this the same way they are going after high dollar Adwords spenders. I was approached to participate in Jumpstart one of the Adwords programs where they create the ads for you as long as you promise to spend big bling. They surf the net looking for very specialized sites that would fit. As you are assigned a dedicated account manager the first month. If they can do this for Adwords, then there is no doubt that they could have people doing similar for the organic results. Except after the initial reinclusion the regular algo takes over and Google later on bans his site because its just programmed to do so.

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