What is a Backlink or Inbound Link (IBL)?

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An other common question asked by a person new to the Internet. What is a backlink? What is an inbound link (IBL)? In my attempt to explain what a Web link is in my entry named Web Links Explained - Beginner Guide, I have decided to continue to write on an other basic but fundamental concept, the backlink. Why, because I am often asked this question. And because there is a thread on this at HighRankings named What Is Back Link?.

As OWG says in that thread "Backlinks are link that point back to your site". They are links pointing inwards to your pages. Here is a picture to explain.


MINE = Your Page NOT MINE = Pages that are not yours.

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SEO Professionals

08/10/2011 05:59 pm

The goal of any search engine optimization campaign is getting a website, or web page, to show up for the keywords that best describe the website's content, product or service. In Google, getting a website ranked in the top ten of a competitive keyword is greatly enhanced when one website links to another website. In this respect, when a website provides a link to another website it is call an external link, or outbound link. The website on the receiving end of the outbound link, is a backlink, or inbound link.

$5 PR9 Back Links

02/16/2013 11:02 am

the picture is a great example to explain back links

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