Purchasing Expired Domain Names for the PageRank

Apr 26, 2004 • 8:07 pm | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

A topic over at HighRankings named, Expired Domains is where a member asked "I came across a website selling expired domains... what are your thoughts on buying them for the traffic they may still generate?"

The first two or so replies suggest that if the domain name is related to your prior business then it is a worthwhile purchase. The reason being is that you should be able to bring in direct traffic from the old competitors URL and any backlinks will be on topic, so the backlink provider might keep those links and not delete them.

But each expired domain name should be carefully reviewed from a historical perspective. In addition, when purchasing new domain names, it is important to learn if the domain name was ever used in the past. If it was, it might have been penalized by the search engines, you would not want to pass that penalty to your new site, would you?

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10/11/2006 01:33 pm

Any one know of an expired domain tool that could help with this?


07/11/2007 05:23 am

It's usually a waste of time and money as search engines will drop the listings when the domain expires. Google is especially aggressive about this. What is not known is how long it takes to get back into the index. Some people have submitted a request to Google but that has been hit & miss (usually miss with just a canned response). The only real benefit of buying an expired domain is for its links *if* you expect to see traffic from those links that will translate into visitors.


06/01/2008 09:08 pm

I found this http://expired.luxdomain.com sell some expired domain with valid PR, they update it daily. Hope this could help your search


09/03/2008 03:54 pm

how can i get this expired domain

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