Stars In Google AdWords Sitelinks

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Typically, Google doesn't enable AdWords advertisers to place certain HTML entities in their AdWords ads. In the past, placing stars or other HTML entities that make an ad or listing stand out was not allowed. Google typically just prevented them from showing up in either the AdWords or organic listings.

Darrin Ward spotted [Regus] using HTML entities, specifically the outlined black star, which looks like ✭ and can be created by using the syntax ✭ or ✭ in the ad entry form.

Here are two pictures:

HTML Entities in AdWords Sitelinks

Stars In AdWords Sitelinks

I wonder how long it will last. We know Google and other engines were quick to remove this from happening in the past.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

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Pablo Almeida

12/29/2010 01:29 pm

Though it works fine, it is risky to use such tactics to improve the CTR. Campaigns can be off because of problems of rejected ads... Is prohibited by Google...but, since 2009, I've used it a lot. The customers were always aware. It is important to note! :)

David Iwanow

12/29/2010 02:07 pm

I've seen it used by some of the travel companies using what appears to be Wingdings fonts


12/29/2010 05:13 pm

Lo he visto en anuncios de hoteles y siguen vivos, al parecer Adwords no los detecta tan rápido o ya no lo está penalizando.


12/29/2010 05:23 pm

Feel this would be a nice way to innovate the ads..


12/29/2010 11:44 pm

Very interesting: I found a version which included the stars and ad extension to local addresses: That becomes a dominant looking ad. I did a couple of different kinds of searches in my region, including searches for Regus and searches for "office space" and "office suites". Regus has a lot of different versions of ads, and some that have to be dramatically updated. They must be active in creating new ads all the time. I'd like a shot at that opportunity. :D


12/30/2010 12:50 am

Zoosk is getting into the action with gender symbols for brand terms.

Claire Jarrett

12/30/2010 09:45 am

We use a few different ones - telephone symbols with CALL NOW text, flowers for our florist client etc. Pointing fingers, triangles etc. You can be really inventive with them!

Ninja Kem

12/30/2010 10:54 am

I just think its a case of the ad not being found by Google yet. They obviously haven't got all the various ALT codes trawling the adcopy automatically yet. I'm guessing this will be taken down once found but the Serviced Offices industry isn't one that Google looks at on a regular basis - as opposed to gambling or finance for example.

Robbie Hodge

12/30/2010 12:45 pm

Been using it for a couple months now. CTR has directly increased 3% on my site links on average. Hope it sticks!


01/01/2011 01:46 pm

I've seen this a hundred times and done it too and seen CTR increase - it needs to be unicode characters and you can get quite creative (hearts, musical notes, flowers, aeroplanes is a great one for travel industry). I used to include them in all of my site link ads because Google had no real review process for the ad extension (unlike keywords and ad texts) however I have been informed that Google have now begun to review them more often and can disapprove them on this basis. They don't seem to notice too quickly though so you could probably get away with it for a couple of months.


02/24/2011 07:59 am

Haven't tried that before. Thanks for the post. Will give it a try and check how it works.


02/28/2011 03:08 pm

what s the process in order to upload such a symbol (black star, aeroplane) on adwords sitelinks?

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