Goodbye Boost, Hello Google AdWords Express

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AdWords Express LogoGoogle has announced that they are naming Google Boost, which they launched in October 2010 as an easy way for local business to create AdWords listings, to AdWords Express.

Any business can create ads and a local listing now within five minutes, Google said. Prior, with Boost, you needed a local listing. Now you don't. You can create a local listing and an AdWords listing together by going to

Here is a picture of the basic sign up form:

click for full size

Here is a video demo:

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Sakis Rizos

07/26/2011 01:23 pm

Yeah right... You can't add, edit or delete keywords. You can't add negative keywords. You can't manage the bids. You can't change the match option of keywords, and guess what, the system sets them to broad... Ok, this is just a way for Google to make more money from naive advertisers...

seo expert

07/26/2011 01:54 pm

 Google Always Come with something very interesting and this concept is really mean to read.

Michael J. Kovis

07/26/2011 02:19 pm

@google-72c1a01f601c0628c7fd0007e0653154:disqus - I couldn't agree with you more.


07/27/2011 02:20 pm

Thats why you cant trust Google with its new services. They either discontinue them or change them into something else. Same thing is going to happen with Google + once they find out its not making Google money they will shut it down and all your hard work will go down the drain.

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