Confirmed: Google Mass Rejecting Old AdWords API Developers

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AdWords RejectionYesterday we reported on developers complaining their AdWords API tokens were not working any more.

Truth is, this is a wide spread crack down by Google.

An AdWords representative, I've confirmed the identity to be true, commented explaining this is part of their quality checks and thus have disabled many developers from using the AdWords API.

He said:

We disabled some AdWords API Developer tokens on 9/12 as part of our periodic review of AdWords API activity. We have done this to ensure quality, improve Google products and services and compliance with AdWords API Terms and Conditions. If your token has been disabled and if you wish to re-apply for the token, please visit the AdWords API Center in your account.

Remember to answer the following in detail if you re-apply for the token:

a) Describe the uses of your API application or tool with specific examples. For instance, account management or bid optimization.

b) Who is or will be using your API application or tool? For example, colleagues in your company or advertisers or agencies to whom you are selling the tool.

c) Please attach screenshots of your API application or tool. If the application or tool is yet to be developed, please provide relevant design documentation.

d) Please provide a list of clients that will be using your API application or tool in an automated way.

Questions? Comments? Please write to

--The AdWords API Team

Obviously, this is not going to be fun for those who were disabled that need to run their campaigns daily and are losing customers, business and money.

Forum discussion at Google AdWords API Help.

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Peter T

09/15/2011 12:45 pm

The motivation for this is partly due to all the digital intelligence tools that media companies have developed that mine adwords data. Google is protecting it IP perhaps or prepping up to charge it out ?


09/15/2011 02:19 pm

This makes it harder to see when Google games the system for $. Larry is on the roll. 

Will Spencer

09/17/2011 07:07 pm

Peter T: Google blocked _paying_ customers with this move. This is just one more example of Google's social ineptitude and complete lack of concern for their suppliers, business partners, customers, and site visitors.

Secret Sauce

09/27/2011 12:32 pm

That's it, I'm thru being nice, back to scraping G by the millions and paying NOTHING.


09/29/2011 02:26 pm

If companies have legally bought credits under a prior agreement, then surely they have to refund these at the very least or be open to legal action? People running legitimate businesses to paid customers who have bought their API credits would also be open to seek damages I would have thought - this is a bit different from a sudden algorithm change where the rules are specific.  Any kind of purchase is a legal contract - so I hope the lawyers are taking a close look at this one.

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