Most AdSense Ads Lead To Questionable Or Unknown Sites

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Google AdSense posted results for the past 60-days of his AdRater extension, which looks at "advertiser legitimacy for text ads on web pages."

The report collected 11,355 domains over the past 60-days and showed that about 55% of those were either questionable domains or unknown domains. The break down is as follows:

  • Verified Site 11.60%
  • Identified But Not Verified 30.70%
  • Not Rated Site 21.60%
  • Questionable Site 36.20%

He said:

12% of sites get our highest rating, down from 14% in 2008. 36% of the ads rate our “site unknown or questionable” rating. This percentage has held constant since we first did this analysis in 2008. 21% of sites are not rated. These are typically blogs, or sites where we don’t see commercial activity or ads. This is twice what we saw three years ago.

Overall, since the last time they ran this study, he said the landscape for these advertisers have no changed much.

I am not sure how valid this study is, but I figured I put it out there.

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04/12/2011 03:58 pm

It'd be helpful to know his criteria for "verified" and "questionable" but overall, can't say I'd be surprised if the numbers turned out to be on track. Lotta garbage out there.

Barry Schwartz

04/12/2011 04:00 pm

Sorry, the criteria is mentioned in the extension which I linked to, but you can see it at


04/12/2011 05:38 pm

I thought Google was all about the poor users and their experience? 55% of ads aren't relative to someone's inquiry that speaks volumes about how broken Google is. Wonder if they are going to clean up their AdWords program and slaughter their cash cow. Should drop income by at least 33%. Anyone care to wager? I bet Google won't do the right thing because their beloved bogus accounting and earnings will suffer.

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