Wolfram|Alpha Adds Pro Services For A Fee

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Wolfram|Alpha ProMost people have no clue what Wolfram|Alpha is but it is one of the speciality search engines I use on a daily basis. I use it to look up data, facts and do some more advanced calculations.

The thing is - most people have no use for it. It is more for academics or power searchers.

Apple added it to Siri and it has accounted for 25% of Wolfram|Alpha's searches - so they are now getting on the map, thanks to Apple.

Wolfram|Alpha has announced they will be unveiling a "Pro" version of their search service for a $4.99/month fee. Yea, pay to use a search engine - but Wolfram|Alpha is no regular search engine.

What can you do in the paid Pro version of Wolfram|Alpha? Gary Price has those details:

(1) Analyze Your Own Datasets:

Wolfram|Alpha Pro

(2) 60 file formats can be uploaded from XLS, CSV all the way to images, audio files and more:

Wolfram|Alpha Pro

(3) Virtual extended keyboards.

(4) Visualized and interactive results using the CDF (computational data format).

"What's happening is you are giving freeform input, and Wolfram Alpha is creating a program on the fly to create the interactivity that you use," Chief executive Stephen Wolfram said.

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