Vlog #116: Shimon Sandler On Growing Your Search Marketing Agency


Shimon Sandler came out to my house in the pretty cold weather, you can see the snow in the corner, to talk SEO and shop. Shimon has been in the SEO space for about 20 years, he has the experience at working at agencies, working in-house for large enterprises and even building his own agency and selling it. We spoke about his history, which leads into why he does what he does now.

He started working as a sales director at a marketing company and then moved to Did-It, Kevin Lee’s company, then moved to do SEO and PPC at Wiechert Realtors, from there moved to Universal McCann, then to Warner Music Group, Viacom and then started his own agency Search Interactions, which he sold to MWWWPR. Now he is working on his new agency named Sandler Digital.

At Search Interactions, he reached out to some other agencies to see if they could do some business deals and they got one to bite and received a lot of business. So he ultimately left his job at Viacom, which was a super stressful decision and he made the job from Viacom to go full force in his own agency. He ran that company for five years and sold it to MWWWPR.

He focused Search Interactions on large media and entertainment companies and big brands. He did not want the small businesses or small companies, he really wanted the big brands. Shimon said he was able to succeed in finding the right person within an enterprise to get the sale. Shimon focused on building the client base through sales and networking, while Eli focused on getting the work done. He learned to trust his partner and his team to do the work right. So now Shimon is more involved in growth, while his team does the strategy and implementation.

If you are looking to hire Shimon and his company, connect with Shimon Sandler on LinkedIn.

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