Vlog #84: Tamar Weinberg's Past & Scented Future (Part One)


Tamar Weinberg

I drove out to Tamar Weinberg's home in New Rochelle, New York, which was ground zero in New York for COVID-19. We sat socially distant from each other, with two wireless mics and two different cameras, to get this interview. Tamar had COVID early on, back in March and donated plasma numerous times to help those in need. Sadly we both know of too many people first-hand who got sick and died from this virus.

In part one of this interview, we covered her history and the launch of her own unisex perfume line TAMAR. Tamar worked for me at RustyBrick back in 2007, literally as my side kick. But she has really made a huge name for herself since then working at many different companies since RustyBrick and doing a lot of amazing things. Her latest venture is Tamar, a unisex perfume for men and women - please check it out and support it in any way. This business was started as a way to help those who have mental illness with depression - a truly inspirational cause and she shared her story in this video interview.

You can learn more about Tamar on Twitter @tamar or in Instagram @tamar and visit Tamar.com or her personal site at tamarweinberg.com.

Here is Part One of the interview, and part two will be next week:

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