Vlog #63: Ari Nahmani On Hyperlocal SEO & Organic Search In E-Commerce


Ari Nahmani

Now I am off to Israel, specifically Jerusalem, and I met with Ari Nahmani, the CEO of Kahena Digital Marketing. He lives in Tel Aviv but his office is in Jerusalem, his company has about 20 people. SEO in the old days is a different world now he said.

He started his agency by accident, and it is all made up of people who were originally born in the United States. He said he didn’t really learn Hebrew well until he had to negotiate contracts.

Hyperlocal SEO was one of the topics on his mind. Ari explained Google My Business has changed a lot over the years. He said when it comes to major corporations with multiple chains is an interesting challenge. He said trying to figure out how to combine proximity and authority with citations and ratings with traditional SEO has been interesting.

He did ask why there appears to be less reporting when it comes to Google local ranking changes. He has some ideas on why that is. But he said there has been a lot of changes in local, especially with local.

Ari said that it is important to communicate to clients that if web site traffic is down but in-store foot traffic is up, it can be part of the overall SEO campaign. So you need to tie these reports together.

He also said make sure to build hyperlocal pages on your web site. Put things that are unique to the page, including the managers name and other things to make the pages unique. But just be careful with that.

When it comes to e-commerce, it has been a huge challenge. If you are competing with Amazon, you are getting killed. He said you are seeing flat traffic to your site on days like Black Friday, because the Google search results page is changing. You have Google Shopping, Google Product PLAs, people also ask for, did you mean, and four ads. It is nearly impossible to get organic traffic when it comes to e-commerce sites these days in Google search. From an organic perspective, the e-commerce world is hurting big time he said. So you need to think outside of the box.

You can follow Ari Nahmani at @AriNahmani on social and on his web site at Kahena.com.

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