Vlog #41: Lisa Barone About Writing About SEO & Implementing Strategies To Help Clients Win


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Lisa Barone (@lisabarone) invited me, well, I invited myself, to her office, Overit, up in Albany, New York. It was my first time in a Church, although her office is no longer a church. In any event, Lisa and I go way back, as you can tell by the way we communicate with each other. We use to sit in the front row together, live blogging SEO conferences. Bloggers share a special bond.

We pretty much chat about the old days and joke around a lot. She takes shots and me, I take shots back, but Lisa always ends up winning.

She came into SEO without knowing much about SEO and was able to write a story about SEO from that perspective. The SEO community loved it, loved her and literally ate up her content.

Lisa then moved from warm California to cold Albany to start a company with two other powerhouses. She then left that to work at Overit. She has had so much success over her career, just the day before I interviewed her, she was awarded the Rising Star award by Business Journal in Albany, amongst many other awards. Lisa oversees client strategy at the company and helps clients get the results they want. This means managing everything from SEO to analytics, ads, video, and so much more. She can see a larger picture by being able to tap into her SEO knowledge, writing experience and so much more to direct the client strategy in the right direction.

You can learn more about Lisa a lot on her Twitter account, it is a really fun account to follow at @LisaBarone.

Lisa - the SEO community loves you!

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