Vlog #10: Ruth Burr Reedy On Google Algorithms, EAT, Quality Raters Guidelines & More

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In episode #10 of the vlog series at the Search Engine Roundtable I interviewed Ruth Burr Reedy (@ruthburr), the Vice President of Strategy at UpBuild. She has a BA in Theatre and decided she needed to get into something more stable and then got a temp job and became a writer in 2006 and from there learned a ton about SEO. From there she became the head of SEO at Moz and lead the SEOmoz.org to Moz.com transition. She then moved to Oklahoma and left Moz, and works now at UpBuild - a company that is awesome to work at. She discussed some of the issues around how SEO agencies hire SEOs and sometimes end up mismanage those young hires. Ruth gave advice for new SEOs and what new SEOs should look for when joining a new company.

Ruth then explained the concept around human versus machine readable quality signals to me, that was her talk at Mozcon. We then talked about Google algorithm updates and if they are useful to track. She gave advice around how to audit your site if it was negatively impacted by an algorithm update. We then began talking about the problem of getting too granular with algorithmic inputs, diving too deep into the Google Search Quality Raters Guidelines and EAT documents. Ruth doesn't want us to focus on specific ranking factor inputs, it is not that important, she explained.

Here is the interview:

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