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Google Webmaster ToolsDid you know the Google Developer section has an education section for Webmaster Tools at

Fili Wiese, who works at Google on ad quality, but formerly part of search quality, posted this on his Google+ page.

Here is the video followed by the transcript:

0:01 The internet is amazing.
0:03 It's easy to share anything you create with the entire world.
0:07 Like Alice.
0:08 She just opened an online store for her handmade jewelry.
0:11 But now she's wondering, can people find her site on Google?
0:15 With Google Webmaster Tools, Alice can make sure that Google
0:19 finds her store and shows it for the correct search query.
0:23 Webmaster Tools displays the errors that Google finds when
0:26 reading her site so Alice can check those errors and fix
0:29 them to make all her pages appear in search results.
0:33 Every time Alice creates a new product page, she can use
0:36 Webmaster Tool to see if other people link to it and how often
0:39 it appears in Google's search results.
0:42 She can use that data to discover the most successful
0:44 pages and products in her store, so she can focus
0:47 on that and increase traffic to her site.
0:51 Webmaster Tools also regularly checks her site for malware,
0:54 and another problems, and will even send an email if it
0:57 finds important issues.
0:59 Now Alice can be sure that everything is OK with her site
1:02 with Google Webmaster Tools.

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