Google's Rosalind Franklin Birthday Logo Shows DNA X-Ray Image

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Rosalind Franklin Google Doodle - X-Ray

Today, Google is celebrating the life and legacy of the late X-ray crystallography and biophysicist Rosalind Franklin on her 93rd birthday. Rosalind Franklin was best known for the X-ray diffraction images of DNA. This ultimately led to the discovery of the DNA double helix.

As you can see from Google's logo, aka Doodle, today, the Rosalind Franklin is seeing the double helix through "Photo 51," the the nickname given to an X-ray diffraction image of DNA taken by Raymond Gosling in May 1952. It was this discovery that was instrumental in identifying the structure of DNA.

Rosalind Franklin was born on July 25, 1920 in Notting Hill, United Kingdom and died at the young age of 37 on April 16, 1958 in the UK. She died from a combination of of bronchopneumonia, secondary carcinomatosis, and ovarian cancer.

To learn more about Rosalind Franklin and her contributions to the world, see her Wikipedia page.

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