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Pierre Far

This is part of the say something nice about an SEO/SEM series - feel free to nominate someone over here.

Pierre Far lives in London with his family and has been part of the SEO community for over a decade. In fact, he is one of the folks who were in the trenches in the various SEO forums, including Cre8asite forums, back in the day. He joined Google after doing SEO work for years back in 2011 and five years later left Google to go back to doing SEO and online marketing.

Pierre pre-Googe, during Google and post-Google was always very active within the SEO and SEM industry. From speaking at events, to posting in online forums or now on social networks - Pierre is always eager to share. Pierre is more on the technical solving side of the SEO space but also has an awesome grasp of the larger picture - which gives him an edge in what he does. He is super smart, very skilled and also confident - all qualities one needs in this business.

I've known Pierre since before he joined Google and I love, absolutely love, seeing people so devoted to the industry from the day they started in the space years and years later. It really makes me happy to see such devotion.

Donna Cavalier nominated Pierre and wrote:

Another SEO who moved over to Google for a while, but never lost his SEO soul, Pierre Far is wildly smart, gentle, kind, and friendly.

Pierre Far Bio: Pierre is the founder of Deliberate Digital, a digital strategy and product management consultancy, and Blockmetry, a web analytics and content blocking measurement service. Prior to founding Deliberate Digital and Blockmetry, Pierre held several roles at Google and the technology sector in the UK, including product management, community management, innovation consulting, and online marketing. He's a regular speaker and author about technology topics.

Favorite thing about the SEO community? The friendliness. As a community, we have many friendly people among us.

One piece of advice to the SEOs out there? SEO is not about search engines. It's about how users use search engines.

What you want to be known for in the SEO space? I solve intractable SEO problems. On several project, I was the consultant clients and other agencies came to with a problem they weren't able to solve for a long time.

To learn more about Pierre Far, check him out on Twitter or LinkedIn and also check out his company site.

This is part of the say something nice about an SEO/SEM series - feel free to nominate someone over here.

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