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No one can argue that Matt Cutts has been one of the most significant personalities in our industry. Not just because of how he balanced the Google vs SEO line. Not just because of how he was able to provide more transparency about Google's efforts over the years. Not just because he was one of the main people behind getting Search Console approved. Not just because of his efforts around the Google Dance. Not just because of the fact that he did deeply care about the SEO industry. But because there are thousnads of people who have stories, individual stories, of how Matt has helped them both professionally and personally over the years.

When we heard the terrible news about Matt unexpectedly losing his wife, the whole community mourned. Personally, I have been thinking about this on a daily (more than daily) basis, and how we can help Matt outside of contributing money to charities, sending flowers to the funeral or trying to improve ourselves with a 30-day challenge.

I've been collecting stories for the honor an SEM thing I've been running and there were many stories that have come in about Matt Cutts. So I decided to build a small web site where we can share and publish stories about how Matt Cutts has helped us personally or professionally. There are jut so many stories, I've already collected about 100 and I didn't even announce it publicly until today.

I had my team put together a site that lets people submit stories, it goes into a moderation queue, which I can review and approve. When I approve them, it goes into an other queue that will automatically take one of the approved stories and post it on the site. It only posts one story per day, this way, Matt has something to look forward to that might make him smile, even for a fraction of a second, each and every day. We all want to help Matt heal and remove some of that gut wrenching feeling of losing someone so important to him. This might just help a little bit.

You can read some of the early stories at and post a story over here.

Please spread the word, even outside of the SEO industry, because he has helped people across many many industries.

Matt, we love you, we are all thinking of you and we hope this helps you during your healing process (if that is even possible).

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