Google Will Discontinue Some Old Search Console Features

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Google's John Mueller confirmed this morning in a webmaster hangout at the 1:09 mark into the video that Google does plan to close down, discontinue, not port, every single feature from the old Search Console to the new Search Console.

This was a question we were not positive on. John Mueller implied back in February that all features would be ported from the old to the new Search Console. Then Gary Illyes said not all - some might be discontinued. Well, now we know some will be discontinued for sure.

John listed one example, the crawl errors section will be going away because it is not useful. Google also might do away with reports that third-party tools have and are redundant to what Google offers. It is not 100% clear.

John said:

On the Search Console side there lots of changes happening there of course. They've been working on the new version.

I imagine some of the features in the old versions will be closed down as well over time. And some of those might be migrating to the new Search Console.

I'm sure there'll be some sections of Search Console also that will just be closed down without an immediate replacement. Primarily because we've seen there's a lot of things that we have in there that aren't really that necessary for websites. Where there are other good options out there or where maybe we've been showing you too much information that doesn't really help your website.

So an example of that could be the the crawl errors section where we list all of them and millions of crawl errors we found on your website. When actually it makes more sense to focus on the issues that are really affecting your website rather than just all of the random URLs that we found on these things.

Here is the video embed:

Then about 28 minutes into the video, he said the Search Console team is working on making the link report "more consistent" for whatever that means. He said "I know the Search Console team is working on updating something with regards to the link reports to make it a little bit more consistent."

So make sure that Google knows which reports you must have that have not been migrated over yet.

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