Upcoming Google Speed Update Will Look More Closely At Page Speed Variations

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Google Speed Update

So John Mueller of Google spoke a bit about page speed in this mornings Google webmaster video hangout at the 1:58 mark. He said the current page speed factor, which is desktop only, only looks to see if a page is super slow and he mentioned minutes or so to load. He said if it would "takes like multiple minutes to actually load a page" that would be considered "really really slow." But then when he mentioned the upcoming Speed Update coming to mobile search in July, he said that will be a "little bit more differentiated."

We know it will use real Chrome user data, which the revised page insights tool from Google has told us already. But John, at least how I am hearing it, makes it sound like it is not only going to be about really really slow sites suffering but maybe - just maybe, different levels?

The question was more about John explaining that speeding up your pages for just GoogleBot won't work because Google is also going to be using real user data from Chrome. So maybe I am looking too much into this?

Here is what he said:

At the moment we differentiate between kind of reasonably okay fast and really really slow. So something that takes like multiple minutes to actually load a page. That's something we would say it's probably pretty slow compared to the rest of the sites.

With the change to mobile speed, we'll look at that a little bit more differentiated. But we use a number of factors with regards to speed there including some factors that we see from Chrome, where we see what what users are actually seeing.

So just by blocking specific scripts to try to make the page look faster for Googlebot probably won't necessarily change anything with regards to how we see the speed for your site.

Instead I try to see if there are ways to speed up the site in general or for both users for Google.

Here is the video embed:

What do you think?

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