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Yesterday I reported that it seems there is a backlog or longer wait times to hear back on reconsideration requests related to manual actions. So I asked John Mueller from Google about that in yesterday's hangout and he didn't seem to confirm there was a backlog, just generally how long these reconsideration requests take.

He explained that sometimes the team will work on these reconsideration requests in "batches" and maybe group these batches by the type of issue and/or country. So sometimes based on when the individual who is working on this batch gets to it, it might be fast or it might take longer.

But John didn't say outright there is a backlog that they are aware of.

I asked John about this at the 3:09 mark:

Barry: They has been like a lot of chatter about reconsideration requests after manual action is taking longer than usual. Is that true is? I mean, obviously people went away for the holidays but…

John: I don't know about longer than usual but sometimes they do take quite a bit of time to be reprocessed.

Barry: So there's no like backlog that your team is experiencing, we have to hire more people to get through these support requests?

John: I mean if it takes longer than usually that's a sign of a backlog. But I mean it's not it's not the case that we kind of like artificially delay things with regard to reconsideration requests. Sometimes what just happens is that the team works on this in batches and they'll go through like one set of reconsiderations and then go through next set. And depending on how they batch things it might be by country or might be by kind of type of issue, those kind of things. So that's something that sometimes happens and sometimes you see that with regards to the backlog or kind of the time that it takes to process things. Where suddenly a whole bunch of things will get reprocessed fairly quickly and then it takes a while again.

Here is the video embed:

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