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Google's John Mueller broached on the topic of reading level again and this time he answered it a bit differently. A couple months ago he explained that Google doesn't have reading levels in their algorithms. You should read that story to see what he means. This is despite Google having a reading level score a few years back.

John said this morning on Twitter that you should write your content on the reading level of your audience. So if you have novice users consuming your content, make sure your content is on a level they can understand. If you have academics reading your high level theory on some sort of science, then get technical and high level and write on that level.

John said:

We do a lot of things to try to determine the relevance of pages for a user's query - complicated pages can be great for the right audience or query, simpler pages for others. Speak in the language of your audience; present your awesomeness in a way they can understand.

"Speak in the language of your audience" is always good advice.

Here are the tweets:

Like here, I often don't go into explaining every SEO term I write here because the audience here, by far, understands these terms. Plus you all know I like to keep my stories short and to the point here.

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