Google Ranking Quotas Do Not Exist

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Google Throttle

Google's John Mueller said again that websites do not have some form of quota where they can only rank for a limited number of keywords. He said on Twitter "there's no hard limit for how many pages we show from a site, subdomain or not."

This is a topic we covered before, back in 2016 Google said there is no traffic quota and Google does not throttle traffic to a website.

John did add that if you are trying to compete against yourself for the same set of keywords, then it gets tricky. I mean, why create multiple pages to try to rank for the same word, generally (but not always), the most you will see are two results from your site. So if you want to see five of your pages ranking in the same search results page, that might not be a good strategy.

John said "Regardless, from a strategic point of view, if you're competing with your own content, you're going to have a harder time against stronger competitors."

But in terms of a website being capped at only being able to rank well for a set number of keyword phrases, that simply does not exist. There are endless opportunities for your site to rank for endless keywords.

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