Google Now & Nest Stuck At Setting Temperature

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Google Now & Nest Stuck At Setting Temperature

Looks like the wizardry magic of Google Now integrating with Nest isn't working all that magically for many Nest users.

A large thread at the Google Web Search Help forum has dozens of complaints from Nest owners who use Google Now to try to configure their Nest thermostat.

As you may remember, Google Now and Nest integrate, so you can let it know your commute and set your heat/AC based on that or based on you setting a Google Now command verbally.

Complaints started coming in early this month:

Not sure why but I cannot get Google Now to control my Nest thermostat. I have removed the connections in both directions, opened up firewall ports, set it up from mobile or desktop, rinse and repeated about 100 times and it will NEVER set the temperature. It will just show the Google rainbow icon and never stop "Setting Temperature..."

And over the past 24-hours or so, more and more complaints have come in that the Google Now interface just says "setting temperature."

I suspect Google is aware of this issue but there is no official word from a Google or Nest representative on it, yet.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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