Google To Webmasters: It's No Longer 1996, Stop Using Marquees

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For those of you looking for some light web development humor you may want to check out this Google Webmaster Help thread where Googler, JohnMu, suggested to a webmaster to avoid using Marquees.

Marquees? Honestly, I forgot what they were and had to do some searches to remember. An HTML marquees basically lets a text box scroll left or right or up or down or other methods. It is very old fashion and might bring back some fun memories of old web sites.

Here is an example:

This Web Site Is So Cool! Take Me Back To 1996

You can find more examples of this at

John from Google told this webmaster, and I quote:

One other thing that you may want to look into is removing the "marquees" on your pages. To users, they show only a very limited amount of information, to search engines, it looks like you're using them to stuff in as many related keywords as possible. For instance, on your homepage, you have one that is one line high and approximately 2-3 words wide.

He goes on to explain, "If it's important that users see that information, then I would recommend placing it on the page in a visible way. If this is not meant for users to see, then I'd recommend just removing it."

Hat tip to Colin McDermott for providing the title used in the header of this story.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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